Dark Orbit

Dark Orbit 1.1

Fly spaceships and blast the alien vermin to pieces
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Choose your company, get into your spaceship and join the massive intergalactic battle. Collect raw materials, trade them for credits and buy better weapons for your ship.

Dark Orbit is a free browser based space shooting game.
"Browser based" means that you won´t have to download anything to your PC. I´ve provided a download link and a 1 byte file size to please the interface, but you don´t have to download anything.

Just entering in http://us1.darkorbit.com you´re ready to begin playing. All you will have to do is obtain a user name and password.

Once you log in, you´ll have to choose the company you will be with.

The company will give you a spaceship, that you will need to use to collect raw materials. You will later change that materials for credits at the space station.

You can then use the credits to enhance your spaceship equipment.

You will have a screen where you´ll have to move your spaceship with the mouse, select weapons and shoot.

You will also have to defend yourself from enemies, shooting them with your lasers. Avoid to attack the ships from your enterprise, or getting out of range.

As you progress in the game, you can upgrade your spaceship to Starjet, Battlecruiser or Starfighter, using sophisticated weapon systems.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s an attractive game, with nice sound and graphics. You don´t need to download anything, and it´s free


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